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Elastenolia 2006-2013,
version: 0.16

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07, July.
From now on you can see the ability descriptions also during a fight, and the game shows the pictures of the weapons and abilities instead of their names.

04, July.
We have modernised the interface, the map holds the whole area from now on, and the panels are on it. We have given descriptions to the items, which can be seen when you place your mouse above them. The Edge of hell looks better, and we have our first quest. We've added pirates, the first water-enemies and you can also see on the map when someone places a fire.

16, January.
The controls have been changed, and the Moving monsters are shown.
The continental map - and the sail-able sea had been expanded.
We've put Kham'Duzum, the mine of the dwarfs in. You can go there from the Green bud mountain or across Salis.
The monster-hunting place, the Arena is also in, you can enter it by speaking with the Town Crier of Salis. You can now choose dwarf as your race, and we've implemented the non-playable characters.
We wish you a good game!

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